Apt 100 RESIDENTIAL  #1908  2019

Apt 100 is a complete renovation and reorganization of a small 500-square-foot apartment. Located within a historic building — originally designed by McKim, Mead, and White — on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, the project stemmed from the client’s desire to creatively rethink the space. Trading closed-off, cramped rooms for stacked volumes that play with the negotiation between open and intimate spaces, the renovation features a kitchen that opens into the main living space, a usable sleeping loft, and ample storage throughout — some in plain view and much more cleverly tucked behind the entryway’s white oak panels. The sophisticated material palette of Apt 100 is designed to indicate and separate volumes by their use: stone and tile designate bathing, white oak is for sleeping, and the combination of lacquer and wood is used for cooking. At a livable New York City-scale, the project offers a variety of unique and detailed moments within a layout that feels much larger than its square footage initially suggests.

architect and interiors

Michael Grimm

General Contractor
Metropolitan Innovations

The client’s love of texture and pattern comes to life via the project’s thoughtful material choices; a herringbone oak floor plays against the repetition of a full-height slat wall in the same wood, while the tile choices — striated slate gray in the bathroom and a fresh interlocking geometric pattern for the kitchen backsplash, create distinctly different moments.

Every square inch of Apt 100 is planned and creatively accounted for. We tackled the challenge of how to stack each volume through the surgical organization of each mass within the larger container of the apartment. Ceiling heights between passive loft space (sleeping, resting) and active living space (dining, entertaining, bathing) were carefully negotiated and calibrated to the client’s needs. Apt 100 maximizes impact and architectural detail in a small space, while remaining practical and efficient in its organization.