Apt 3527 RESIDENTIAL  #2105  2022

The layout of Apt 3527 is a simple square divided into four quadrants, with each quadrant assigned a specific use — sleeping, living, or cooking. By providing thickness to the cruciform, the layout provides privacy and separation within a small footprint.location

architect and interiors

General Contractor
Maiden brooklyn

The renovation of the original apartment, built in 1921, required a thoughtful design which respected the traditional detailing, while providing a modern intervention. The design maintains the original details - trim, moldings, picture rail, etc. - where possible, but does not attempt to mimic these elements rather is inspired by them. One example of this is the door to the primary bedroom. This portal cuts through the thickness of the primary wardrobe, and maintains the scale and proportions of the original apartment doorways. This thickened threshold between spaces provides both visual and acoustic separation between living and sleeping areas. 

02  living room
03  bedroom 01
04  bedroom 02
05  bathroom
06  kitchen