Light Pavilion PAVILION   RESEARCH  #1805  2018

The Light Pavilion is constructed completely out of laminated timber products to create a simple, pre-manufactured, and affordable structural system which also manipulates light and shadow.

Tom Reiner, Talweg Studio

Honorable Mention and shortlisted for construction, LONDON FESTIVAL OF ARCHITECTURE

The form of the 96 sqm pavilion strategically responds to the Museum Gardens and the surrounding buildings while also providing a variety of lighting conditions with patterned patches of light changing hour by hour, each day. The pavilion’s entry and exit faces the park entrance to the northeast, and the Church of St. John to the southwest. Along this circulation route, visitors can either circulate through the pavilion or take advantage of the various seating areas to relax and contemplate in solitude, or gather in small groups to share discussions with friends and other visitors.