Snow Cones PAVILION   RESEARCH  #1907  2019

Snow Cones is a poetic ode to rest and warmth. When approaching the hut, visitors will first see three snow-white conical shapes, perched atop a curvilinear wall. Blending seamlessly with the snow and ice, visitors enter the structure and feel immediately embraced by the warmth and protection of the earth. Seated inside, safe from the wind and cold, visitors look up towards the dramatic oculi, which frame an elliptical piece of sky.

The base of each cone measures 7 x 14 ft. and is constructed of white sailcloth, stretched over a lightweight steel frame. Each cone can be transported via skid, either pre-assembled or in modular components. The base consists of sandbags — an extremely inexpensive and often free material — and can be constructed with minimal labor and machinery. The two components together, base and cone, create an engaging contrast between heavy and light, darkness and brightness, ground and sky.