The Garage COMMERCIAL  #2001  2020

The Garage - Industry City is a 15,000 sq.ft. studio and video production facility for The Garage Inc., a world-renowned Visual Engineering/Tabletop Production Studio. Central to the operations of the studio are a growing stable of industrial scale high-speed, high-precision robotic arms. For their new studio and production space in Brooklyn’s Industry City, The design team drew inspiration from the industrial character of the existing building as well as the precision engineering of the robotic technology utilized by The Garage. The design of the space embraces the raw utilitarianism of the warehouse structure while introducing precisely articulated glass and steel functional volumes and interventions.
Brooklyn, NY


general Contractor
JTC Associates

MEP Engineering
AMA Group

The programmatically complex space is organized around two central free-standing volumes which serve to define the boundary between offices and studios. The strategic positioning of the volumes allows for the required office program while providing ample space for the movement of the large robotic rigs used in the motion shoots within the studio spaces.

Other key elements include; custom millwork throughout; twin parallel light-tracers that converge and diverge as they wind their way through the space, illuminating and defining the primary circulation corridor, a full commercial kitchen; and a fully insulated editing/color suite. A pair of custom 700 lb, 9x9 ft black lacquer center pivot doors function as movable partitions between public, production, and studio zones, and allow the users to visually and functionally transform the space with a single light touch.

01  Private Office
02  Shared office
03  Production Kitchen
04  Workshop
05  Mechanical Room
06  ElectrIcal Room
07  Storage
08  Conference room
09  Prop Storage
10  Kitchenette
11  Post Production Room
12  Studio A
13  Studio B
14  Entry Lobby